about us

Nacho Bertomeu


Hello, I am Ignacio Bertomeu, Nacho for everyone, passionate about nature, history and adventure sports. Born in Zaragoza, and after a few rounds around the world working with tourism and sports in various destinations such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Martinique, Thailand or Indonesia, I decided to stay in this place that has captivated me so much.
I live here since 2000 and I know this land inch by inch ... the river, the mountains, its paths, villages, inhabitants, etc. I love this place and I love to help and guide the people who come to visit us and take the best memory of this land. Professional driver, qualified to guide in extreme sports such as rafting, canyoning, hiking, etc. and of course the MTB. Tour guide, as well as a partner of the Full Time Guides travel agency specialized in crossings and expeditions, are the guarantees that I can offer you to enjoy a great experience.

Juan Salvatierra


Hello, my name is Juan Salvatierra, I have been cycling all my life and in recent years I have been fortunate to be able to work in different places in Spain and Chile in several races such as Andes Pacific in its 5 editions and Trans Nomad in 2 editions and national enduro circuits and guided trips with private clients.

All this has allowed me to explore remote places, see nature and meet people from different places their culture and customs, in addition to all this, id like to share the flow and the adrenaline on top of my bicycle traveling trails, descents, jumps and stuning landscapes.

So, join us, take your bike and enjoy this sport with family, friends or on your own. We’ll be happy to show you the beauty of our region.